Sunday, September 21, 2008


Not many interesting events have transpired over the last few days, besides a parking ticket, a depleted bank account, and a schedule that seems to get busier every day. Lypee and I were in studio J today makin some sweet beats on the piano in preparation for the recording of Mocksi Brown. I am excited to be workin with Zach's brothers band, and at the same time a little nervous. Its one of my last chances to be happy with something I've done at school. It's not that I'm not proud of what I have done, but each one my recordings has something I'm not happy about.

I need another job. When can I work?

I want seafood salad.

Top 3 midnight snack foods:

3. Peaches

2. Beef Brisket

1. Omelette (How the hell do you spell that?)

I feel like I've been living in a weird state the past 5 years. Ever since I began drumming in high school I wanted to be the best, to be at the top. Nothing really mattered to me in high school besides music. Blue Knights gave me something to strive for, and eventually attain. Once I reached my goal I was on the top. After years of working and figuring it out, I thought I was the best. Maybe I was good at playing flam drags at 180, but how is that ever gonna help me in real life? I think that I learned life lessons while trying to be the best, but I never really realized it until now. I always thought if I could drum I would be the best at anything. Wrong. Life lessons that I took from that environment never really dawned on me until I was too old to drum, ready to graduate and find a real job, and not even physically able to drum anymore. After thinking about this I was knocked hard and fast off the horse I worked so hard to get up on. I feel like I'm starting over again.

I fixed my car yesterday. Anyone want to sit in the hot tub?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Beginning

So I'm kickin this thing off. I don't have to say that I've decided to start a blog, you've probably already figured that out. I want this to be a journey for both of us, so I'm going to strongly encourage anyone and everyone who reads this to respond. Can you even respond to this? I don't even know what this blogging is all about. I was pretty dissappointed with the word verification thing you have to do to create an account. You know where you have to type in the letters you see in a box, but 89% of the time you can't even read the damn letters? Its usually not even a freakin word. Whatever. I wrote to Arby's the other day and told them to bring back the Chicken Parmesan sandwhich. I don't know how many of you tried it (discontinued in the spring), but I need your help in bringing it back. Have a good night