Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Beginning

So I'm kickin this thing off. I don't have to say that I've decided to start a blog, you've probably already figured that out. I want this to be a journey for both of us, so I'm going to strongly encourage anyone and everyone who reads this to respond. Can you even respond to this? I don't even know what this blogging is all about. I was pretty dissappointed with the word verification thing you have to do to create an account. You know where you have to type in the letters you see in a box, but 89% of the time you can't even read the damn letters? Its usually not even a freakin word. Whatever. I wrote to Arby's the other day and told them to bring back the Chicken Parmesan sandwhich. I don't know how many of you tried it (discontinued in the spring), but I need your help in bringing it back. Have a good night

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