Wednesday, October 1, 2008

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I wish that people weren't such bitches sometimes. There's been way too much dishonesty, deceit, big-headedness, and disrespect around me lately. I don't know why, but its been adding to my current situation of frustration.

I'm gonna make a new paragraph and try and list some positives. Went to the gym today, then sat in the hot tub with my brothers afterwards. Got a haircut (from Zach). Played the hell out of a set of congas in class. Did laundry, which was very much needed. I MADE FRENCH TOAST. Where the hell did French Toast (yes i capitalized it) go? No one makes that anymore. Do it.

I am already ready for a break, and school is now just halfway over in the semester. Not only am I busy, but so are friends who seem more like aquaintances now that I hardly ever see them. Its weird how we choose everything we do, but we agonize some days over the choices that we make. It seems like everything that sucks has been picked by someone else trying to make your life hard, but in reality it was always your choice.

Three (3) Ideas:

1. Everyone should write out a number as a word with the same number in parenthesis next to it from now on.

2. If you have hands you should make more French Toast.

3. Smile

I am going to a hand therapist tomorrow. I have three days straight with Loveland starting tomorrow. It should be a good weekend though, gonna max out some more beats with the MB on Sunday. Get me.

Dazzle D

p.s. I was severly over on text messages last month so try and stop texting me. So if I don't respond I still love you, just call me instead. I would rather hear your sexy voice.

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ArrowMaker said...

The greatest blessing and maybe the greatest curse in the human design is free-will; choice. We get to choose what we want. That means almost anything (Gravity we cannot choose). We can choose to love or hate, or give or take, or create or destroy. By observation, we as the human race, don't choose wisely. Especially within the modern world. People choose by their own understanding and standards without thought of consequences. We're losing care. I think a modern thought is, "nothing you do is wrong or right." I think this in itself is wrong...obviously. You're hurt, I hurt, we all hurt. Something has to be wrong. What will make us right? What's the right choice? What's the wrong choice? Do we even know? What are we basing our choices off of? Where did this standard come from? How can we be sure it's right?
As far as honesty is concerned...maybe our choices would be clearer if everyone would just be honest with themselves and others. Something I don't think we'll ever be truly capable of all of the time. Some of the time, yes. Don't let this bring you down though bud. Just make sure this expectation of others is being performed on your side. Maybe they'll notice...maybe they already do.
I can't stand it either and believe me, there's a lot I don't say that frustrates me and brings me down. I can't change anyone though. I can't make anyone understand. I can't make anyone do anything. I have no control. All I can do is make sure that I'm helping and edifying us all.
Don't let my belief cover your ears. I'm speaking for you, in love. I'm not trying to hurt, but help. If it doesn't help you, then I'm sorry, I must not understand your position. After all, I barely understand my own.