Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cinnamon Waffles

I don't know why, but for some reason everything seems quiter outside when it snows. Its so peaceful, which makes me want to own a house in the mountains some day. Snow days seems to bring everyone together, even though each house is isolated in its own little world. With everyone home from work today, it was good to eat, drink, and be happy. It seems surreal to me that soon some of these people will be gone, and times like these will occur much less often. Here are some things I will miss:

late night ping pong, cooking events, the situation room, running and gettin swole, lilly dusty and belle, gahhhhhh, slippers everywhere, bond, the hot tub, concerts, tarantulla billiards, the night in the hotel room, hot apple pies, group grocery shopping, tennis at the park, 10 for 10, mom? uncle peter?, candles and air fresheners, horseshoes in the back, bbq time, plays at the theater, new years eve, dad surprise party and engagement halloween, recording on the mattress, the noisy front door, unfinished paint jobs, a dangerously huge kitchen, and the list goes on.....
so heres to all the good times, and the almost 2 months that are left.

I've still been searching for another job, and recently I have been more actively pursuing that situation. I will be done with Hacienda by the end of May, and that makes me happy. Still not sure where I will end up living, but that is step two on my list. Speaking of lists, I'm working on crossing off a few more items on my personal list. I'm not going to say which ones, but I will be putting an updated version up soon that will show which tasks I may or may not have completed :) Oh, and my college basketball bracket is fucked. Thanks a lot Memphis and Duke!!

Call me

Mr. Fifty


Amanda said...

My bracket is 2/4 in the final four...I hoping UConn will pull through!

zachtait said...

man chris i wish i would have kept up with blogging and read this. i miss all those things too and could definitely add a few more. miss you. i'm back into the blogging world now, got a new one, for the new fun. can't wait til next we meet . . . physically you'll prbably be twice as swole as before, and have a full beard! til then my friend, i love you.