Sunday, February 15, 2009

Late Night

Im working in a few hours, but I have a couple interesting words to write down. I saw some dissapointing relationships tonight, working on Valentines day. I saw so many guys who didn't treat girls right, and vice versa. Its funny how many people just put up with unhappiness and boredom... I just wanted to say something to them. Whatever, I guess its not really my business anyway, but it makes me upset when people settle for less than they deserve.

I had a 'job interview' at a studio in which I performed various tasks on ProTools, or didnt perform tasks in other words. Didn't go so well and needless to say didn't even come close to a job.

I've been diagnosed with dystonia, which has to do with the brain receiving signals from a muscle to let it know when it needs to contract or relax, so apparently thats whats wrong with my hand. It happens when you train a part of your body for so long and different parts of your brain grow as well. At least I dont have Parkinsons. Im taking a medication similar to Valium, so that has been interesting. I will start Botox treatments which willl weaken my arm muscle soon. Other than that, not much going on.....just trying to live life. I've been pretty happy as of late. I do need to move to Hawaii soon though. Anyone want to come????

Goodnight to all, and sweet dreams

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Ashlee said...

I want to move to hawaii..