Saturday, February 28, 2009


After working tonight, I have gotten so sick of my job. Sure its nice to make $120 in 5 hours, but people are so fuckin rude it pisses me off. I wish that people could treat each other with respect and dignity. I'm not just some machine that brings out your food. Don't know how many days I have left at the 'Hacienda', but I can tell you that its not many. I have been looking into places in Hawaii, its not just some stupid thought...I am pretty seriously considering moving there within a year. I have a lot of family and friends here, but I would be so happy with the beach so close to me. I'm going somewhere cool within the next month....don't know where yet but I need to get away. Let me know if you want to come!

Does anyone even read this crap anymore?

Dazzle D


Ashlee said...

I want to go somewhere cool. Where do you have in mind?

Sheasif said...

I still read! We should talk sometime...whats new with life?

Sneaky T said...

I'm comin

Howard Milktoast said...

Ashlee, I don't know...maybe California? I need a beach. Shea, nothin much new, still workin at Tim, you can't come.