Wednesday, November 5, 2008


This is a list that I've been compiling over the last few days. Let me know if you would like to be a part of any of these....

100 Things To Do Before I Die (In No Particular Order):

1. Streak across a college campus
2. Tell my wife I love her
3. Be on the show 'Iron Chef'
4. Go skydiving
5. Grow an enormous beard
6. Not shower for a week
7. Master a musical instrument
8. Write a symphony
9. Backpack in Asia
10. Benchpress my own weight
11. Sail a sailboat
12. Win a Grammy
13. Own a house on the beach
14. Have kids
15. Invent something useful
16. Own a vintage car
17. Run a marathon
18. Win a peach eating contest
19. Speak a foreign language fluently
20. Save someone's life
21. Find religion
22. Write a book
23. Play ping pong in the olympics
24. Learn how to fence
25. Have sex on the beach
26. Have sex in a library
27. Dance on an airplane
28. Have sex on an airplane
29. Waltz on the Eiffel Tower
30. Put a message in a bottle
31. Own a restaurant
32. Become a pro surfer
33. Try out for a professional sports team
34. Help someone in need
35. Bowl a perfect game
36. Drive a semi-truck
37. Build a treehouse
38. Swim with sharks
39. Get a piercing
40. Fly an airplane
41. Stop a fight
42. Start a fight
43. Play in the world series of poker
44. Learn how to skateboard
45. Donate a large amount of money
46. Make moonshine
47. Spend the night in jail (just one)
48. Trick-or-treat when I'm 60
49. Ride a giraffe
50. Sell a recipe
51. Own a motorcycle
52. Ring a church bell
53. Get a doctorate
54. Make a gold record
55. Prevent a crime
56. Shear a sheep
57. Build a log cabin
58. Not sleep for 2 days
59. Fight an animal (alligator/lion/koala)
60. Own an exotic animal
61. Ride a bicycle across the country
62. Camp for a month
63. Set a world record
64. Be a limo driver
65. Interview a celebrity
66. Make a speech when I'm not supposed to
67. Challenge a cop to race
68. Get the letter 'Y' to be considered a full-time vowel
69. Go to a soccer game in Brazil
70. Learn sign language
71. Be in an underwear ad
72. Yell on a bus
73. Draw a perfect circle
74. Memorize Pi to 100 digits
75. Crash a party
76. Read the entire dictionary
77. Stay in a European hostel
78. Ride in a bobsled
79. Work on a shrimp boat
80. Carry the olympic torch (ping pong)
81. Buy an excessive amount of kiwi
82. Argue with a stranger
83. See the northern lights
84. Ice fish
85. Become a yo-yo master
86. Play battleship for 8 hours straight
87. Play bingo
88. Kiss in the snow
89. Talk to a telemarketer about personal problems
90. Be on a talk show
91. Learn how to play tabla (Indian percussion instrument)
92. Inspire someone
93. Take a random vacation
94. Buy a homeless person food
95. Weave a basket
96. Bring back a trend
97. Chaperone a high school dance
98. Slip on a banana peal
99. Discover an element
100. Live every day like its my last


ArrowMaker said...

I claim number 86. I've got your back on that one.

Ashlee said...

I'll go trick or treating w/ you when you're 60. Good thing we have roughly 40 years to come up with the greatest costumes of all time!

Sneaky T said...

I promise to help you on #1 and #75. I'm pretty sure you've already completed #92.

But #1 will have to happen...we have a month to plan our route.

Ashlee said...

I'm glad my before I die wishes inspired yours... I like how creative yours are.. I fear i'm not so diverse in the types of things I'd like to do, but maybe I just need to spend more time thinking about it.

I missss you. I should be living in Denver soon, so we Have to hang out, a lot.

Anonymous said...

You better have number 1 all planned out by the time break is over! Only a week left!!!