Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This is wonderful:

Eric Scott used a hydrogen-peroxide powered jet pack to cross the Royal Gorge near Canon City on Monday, pushing the outer limits of a technology long ago abandoned by the military. According to a spokesperson for Scott, he completed the flight in 21 seconds. The jet pack itself only contained 30-seconds-worth of fuel. The Royal Gorge, cut by the Arkansas River in southern Colorado, is more than 1,100 feet deep. The Royal Gorge Bridge that spans it was the site of a deadly stunt in October 2003 when Dwain Weston, 30, apparently miscalculated a parachute jump while wearing a "wing suit" and hit a railing on the bridge and fell to his death. Scott works for Denver-based Jet P.I., which developed the futuristic-looking jet pack for stunts, promotions and other events around the world for Go Fast Sports & Beverage. Both companies were founded by Troy Widgery.
For more please visit http://www.gofastsports.com/

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Tait's Estate said...

I love this man. Thank you Howard for letting others know of this story. I heard about it that day and thought what an inspiration.